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We don't create the climate

... we control it!


Customised Air Conditioning Perth has been providing quality air conditioning systems and maintenance to the homes and businesses of Western Australia for over 25 years.

We understand that your home or business is as unique as you are which is why we listen carefully to your requirements and make sure that your air conditioning system is tailored to meet your exact needs. We also know that when you decide to purchase air conditioning you are making an important decision and undertaking a considerable financial investment. This is why here at Customised Air Conditioning Perth we reward your trust in us by giving you the very best advice, service and support possible.

We specialise in both ducted refrigerated and split air systems.

Why Choose Us

With over 25 years experience in the Perth air conditioning business, we know how important service is to our clients. We are proud to include only the highest quality brands including Daikin, Panasonic and Samsung reverse ducted and split system air conditioners in our range.

Ducted Air Conditioning

If you want to take absolute control of the climate across your entire home, refrigerated ducted air conditioning is for you. Ducted systems are also the most flexible choice of air conditioning as they can be customised to suit your own specific requirements.

Split Air Conditioning

Split air conditioning type systems are perfect for controlling the climate in smaller living spaces such as an apartment, or in just one or two rooms of your home such as a bedroom and a small to medium sized living area.

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